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Eri-TV Live Music – Comedy – News – Movie – History

Eritrea TV News, Movie, Music and etc from YT – EritreanTVNews

Eritrean Mixed Videos of Docu, Movie, Comedy and Interviews

Daily Eritrean TV – Videos of EriTV with Music, Movies, Documentation, Cultural Festival, Events, Celebration, News, Comedy and many more. The Videos are mostly in the languages Tigrinya, Tigre, Arabic and English, but they are mostly


EriTV Live Stream is founded by

Eri-TV offers since 2009 live internet streaming 24/7 via and since an half year from The languages of the Ertrean Television is mostly Tigrigna, Tigre, Arabic and English, but the Channel also offers on special time News in the languages of Ethiopian (Amharic and Oromo) and Somalian

Eritrean Televison Video Stream of Eri-TV founded by and now available on Filmon.TV with daily Music, News, Comedy, Interview, Documentation and more from Eritrea.


  • Intelsat 8            12726 H 28066 3/4
  • Express AM22    12743 H 2170 3/4
  • Arabsat 5A         10832 V 2780 5/6
  • Badr-6                11938 V 27500 3/4
  • Nilesat 201          11727 V 27500 3/4
  • Hot Bird 8            11991 V 22000 3/4

EriTV Info:

Eri-TV a.k.a Eritrean television and nominally refers to EriTV 1, the first Television channel broadcast in Eritrea after 30 years Independence Struggle from Ethiopia. It is the only Television broadcaster in Eritrea and it is state-owned. Eritrea TV Broadcasts began in January 1993.


The channel broadcasts internationally via satellite along with its sister radio station, Dimtsi Hafash(People Voice). Broadcasts on Eri-TV1 are typically either news, music videos, or dramas. Both domestic and international films also play on the channel.
The channel broadcasts mostly in Tigrinya, Arabic, English and Tigre, as well as having a few programs in Ethiopian language of Amharic, Somali and Afaan Oromo.

EriTV 2

is the second television channel in Eritrea. It is broadcast only domestically. Eri-TV2 provides mostly educational content. This includes English, Math, and Science lessons.

EriTV 3

Is coming up soon. Eri-TV3 would be the third channel in Eritrea. It would broadcast sports national and international.

Eri TV currently broadcasts via the Egyptian/Saudi Arabia-owned Nilesat 201, Arabsat 5C and Badr 6 satellites, and also delivers on Galaxy 19, Intelsat 8 and Eutelsat Hot Bird 13B satellites.


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